About Us


Meet Turner Grey. This is where it all began. This little guy gave the Nesty founders their biggest promotion in life, he made them Mom and Dad. Before that, they were Lauren and Brandon a married couple working in corporate careers.
While going through her nesting phase of pregnancy, Co-founder, Lauren,  became frustrated by the lack of convenience she experienced when shopping for the upcoming arrival of her baby boy. After trying out many baby brands in her search for the perfect combination of quality and design, she was inspired to create a service for busy parents and gift-givers, alike, that would make preparation for new babies easier by assembling the essentials. Stylish essentials! 

Lauren believes that no parent should have to spend their nesting days repeatedly asking “do we have everything?” or wasting energy and money sorting through the millions of products that do not fit the bill. Modern parents and babies deserves better! With the encouragement of her husband and co-founder, Brandon, the two set out to offer a product they are passionate about. Hence, before their son Turner’s first birthday, Nesty was born.
And then the family of three started to prepare to be a family of four...and Nesty meant so much more!!
Today, Nesty curates beautiful baby bundles of designer apparel and innovative essentials and customizes them into starter kits for stylish babies. The bundling service conveniently connects parents to premium clothing, accessories, and other must-haves all over the world. Lauren and Brandon have taken their experience as first-time parents and poured it into building bundles perfect for new and experienced parents, so that they can focus on all the special moments that await them.

About the Company
Brandon & Lauren Middleton-Pratt
Each season our team thoughtfully curates the Nesty Collection with quality in mind. From organic fabrics for baby's new skin to new and efficient way of sanitizing bottles, we have hand-selected products that we believe in and are confident that new and experienced parents alike will love.
Designer Apparel + Innovative Essentials
Trucks and teddy bear ballerinas are super cute, but it’s time for modern babies to represent style and swag. At Nesty, quality over quantity is paramount, hence we stick to the basics with a unique twist. You do not need hundreds of clothes, just the right versatile pieces. Each Bundle comes with outfits from top designers, innovative multi-purpose essentials, a little glitter and a bit of swag.
Conveniently Bundled
When nesting, all parents whether new or experienced have something in common, the need for convenience. Nesty delivers beautifully curated baby bundles to your home so that you can focus on the arrival of your new baby. Given as a gift for new parents or as an "I deserve this" treat, our goal is to make the nesting experience a special one.