Why bundle, you ask? For peace of mind, I say!


Nesting, for yours truly, started in March 2016 (the day I found out I was pregnant) !!!! We purchased an off-site storage for all of our unnecessary necessities, I swapped out all bleach products for over-priced organic solutions, had a baby shower at 4.5 months preggo, spent hours searching the Web for baby boy apparel that reflected the style of his father (classic, minimalist and cool) and spent even more time searching for essentials that would make me as a first-time, anxious, mother feel more confident and organized. Needless to say, I went a bit overboard.

Mash the fast forward button a few months to November 19th, the day my very own #nestybaby was born. Labor was a special experience shared by Brandon, myself, the entire staff of nervous residents, our “no time for games nor more shots of epidural” nurse and my favorite OB. The hospital staff were uber gracious too! The nurses changed every one of Turner’s diapers, swaddled him every time we asked and simply treated us like family. Then, we were told we had to go home…

Go home!?!? But who would be there to change Turner’s diapers, re-swaddle him, deliver all of my meals, clean the shower and make my bed??? I was NOT fond of the answer, but decided to put on my big momma panties and accept the fact that THIS is motherhood; learning to care for an offspring that totally depends on me (and my husband). I learned to keep my head above water, keep the house in order and the day job in tacked. All the while keeping my hair flawless (thanks to an accommodating hair stylist). Although afraid of what would happen when we crossed the threshold of our apartment with our new baby, there was something that gave me peace of mind…I wouldn’t need to cook for at least a week!! I was STOKED!!! Sounds crazy now, but that was a large source of anxiety for me. Thanks to some “framily" members that visited while we were in the hospital, we had the largest basket of treats, homemade TV dinners and other goodies that held us over until our family came to the rescue a week later. When I thought about starting a business, I couldn’t stop thinking about the bundle of nourishment that made the first week of parenthood a little easier. A bundle…a convenient bundle…a bundle of necessities…makes sense!!! A few months later, Nesty was born.