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What Experienced Moms Didn’t Tell Me… And What They Did, That Wasn't True!

First and foremost, I’m calling out all the women in my life who are mothers. Shame on you for the things you didn’t tell me and the things you did tell me that were simply not true! 1. Vaginal prolapse is a very real condition that some mothers experience. And three weeks after delivering my precious bundle I was curious to find out if “it” happened to me. So, I took to the bathroom, snagged a mirror and with bated breath…I looked! I’m not sure what I saw, but it wasn’t pretty! Needless to say, I scheduled an emergency visit with my OB and I soon learned that “it” had, in fact, NOT happened to me. Shame, shame! No one...

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Why bundle, you ask? For peace of mind, I say!

  Nesting, for yours truly, started in March 2016 (the day I found out I was pregnant) !!!! We purchased an off-site storage for all of our unnecessary necessities, I swapped out all bleach products for over-priced organic solutions, had a baby shower at 4.5 months preggo, spent hours searching the Web for baby boy apparel that reflected the style of his father (classic, minimalist and cool) and spent even more time searching for essentials that would make me as a first-time, anxious, mother feel more confident and organized. Needless to say, I went a bit overboard. Mash the fast forward button a few months to November 19th, the day my very own #nestybaby was born. Labor was a special...

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